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Exterior Home Design with Stucco

Much attention is given to the design and decoration of a home's interior. Yet, when it comes to a home's exterior, some homeowners focus on the front door and landscaping but don't pay enough attention to the exterior design of their home. While curb appeal is important, good exterior home design will create an added aesthetic value and enhance the functionality of your home.

Common Home Exterior Projects
Here are some common projects that will help bring these benefits to your home's exterior. If you've made your way to this page, you probably already have an interest in one or more of them, but remember to consider how each of these installations will create an overall effect that works for your exterior home design.

Exterior Stucco
Nothing is as visible as your home's siding. It creates the skin of your home and has the greatest effect on your home's appearance. The advantage of an exterior stucco veneer is that it can often be placed directly over your current exterior walls or siding. Exterior stucco is installed over a wire mesh and all that mesh requires to work properly is a flat surface. Sometimes your current siding need to be removed, but often you can get away with leaving it and this will save you money on your installation.


Exterior French Doors
Exterior French doors can bring extra sunlight into your rooms. They also make it easier for someone in your home to look and enjoy landscaping features, such as backyard gardens, ponds, and patios. Obviously, exterior French doors will be more heavy-duty than their indoor counterparts. This includes the structural integrity to withstand storms and double-paned glass for installation. Exterior French doors offer little privacy, but this drawback can be minimized with a privacy fence in your backyard or window shades. Solid wood French doors will return your privacy to you but eliminate the benefits of extra light.

Exterior Lighting
After you've added these exterior home improvements, you'll want to show them off. Exterior lighting isn't expensive and can extend curb appeal after the sun has set. In fact, many homes look more stunning at night with the special effects exterior lighting brings. If you have specific areas of interest, spot lighting will focus attention on these features. To emphasize the overall effect of your home's exterior, more general lighting, called graze lighting, should be used. An outdoor lighting contractor can help you design this lighting for optimal effect.

Curb Appeal
Some exterior home improvements effect a home's interior as much as the exterior, but even so, you don't want to neglect your home's exterior. Curb appeal affects a home's value more than you might realize. It's all about first impressions and a home's exterior will be noticed before even many of your outdoor landscaping features.



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