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Portland Kitchen Remodeling:

With property values largely insulated from the housing crisis by careful urban planning, many Portland homeowners realize that rather than upgrading their standard of living by buying a bigger, more expensive home, undertaking improvements on their current home can yield the best financial results and achieve stunning transformations. The dynamic of a "big little city" like Portland makes many residents treasure this stability. From Sherwood to Tigard, Hillsboro to Lake Oswego, Gresham to Beaverton, and anywhere in or around Portland, kitchen remodeling is a great way to revamp the look of your home, increase the comfort and luxury of your daily life, and make an investment in the long-term well being of your home and your finances.

Portland Kitchen Remodeling Design
The most successful kitchen remodels begin with careful planning. You may be able to get the best value for your remodeling buck by leaving the basic layout of your kitchen the same and focusing on upgrading flooring, cabinets, counters, and appliances. Other situations call for a reconfiguring of the space to make your kitchen a more efficient space, one tailored to your needs and use. In general, open space and a sleek look dominate modern kitchen design; here, bright light is often combined with steel or other reflective surfaces to create a feeling of cleanliness and polish. Very modern kitchen design isn't for everyone, however! For older properties in Portland, kitchen remodels are likely to look more appealing with classic materials like wood and tile combined with softer (though still more than adequate) lighting to create a warmer feel.



Cost vs. Resale Value for Portland Kitchen Remodels
An important measurement for such a major investment in your home, the cost of a $56,000 Portland kitchen remodel will return, on average, $54,000 of value to your property. This percentage is slightly lower than a Portland bathroom remodel, but is still a significant and positive number. The increased property value associated with a full remodeling project helps to justify the cost, and in some circumstances, can make it easier to finance the remodel through a lender. This resale value percentage is calculated for a complete, albeit budget-conscious, kitchen remodel. Superficial remodels and high-end remodels don't tend to do quite as well when it comes time to sell your home.

While these figures probably shouldn't be ignored, some homeowners also weigh the resale factor too heavily. The number one priority of most remodels should be the personal enjoyment of your kitchen, particularly if you have no immediate plans to sell your home. It's a good idea to budget 10 to 15 percent over the initial estimate for unforeseen problems that even the most professional remodelers run into. Discuss the likelihood of these problems, along with the other details of your new kitchen, before signing any contract.

Portland Kitchen Renovation: Making Due without a Kitchen
It goes without saying that kitchen renovation is a huge project that, besides not being cheap, will take some time to complete as well. Four to eight weeks is standard, depending on the size and scope of the renovation, and often includes a general contractor and a few subcontractors as well. You'd do well to stock up on delivery and takeout menus for your area, and probably ibuprofen as well. Patience is key, but trust that in the end it'll be worth it.

Thankfully, there are plenty of things to do in Portland. Kitchen renovation is a big project, and most homeowners agree that the more time you can spend away from the mess and noise of construction, the better. Having activities to do outside of the house is one of the best ways to temper the inconvenience of having a major activity center in your home declared off-limits for a few months; now's the time to take a hike or a bike ride with the family, or go try that bacon-topped doughnut you've heard about! Most importantly, before the project gets under weigh, find a contractor who understands what your priorities are during the remodeling process. Make sure that your crew knows when to show up and when to leave; good communication with your contractor will make the times when you are at home easier, and will make the entire process go more smoothly.

Portland Kitchen Remodeling Companies: Finding a Great One
The best thing you can do when looking for a contractor is to contact multiple companies. Three is the recommended minimum, but for a project as big as kitchen remodeling, Portland homeowners should probably contact at least five different companies and get quotes from each. This is a huge undertaking, and it is well worth the time it will take to find the best fit for your project. Interviewing five or more local Portland kitchen remodeling companies is going to give you a better idea of what's available, what your remodel will cost, and most of all, who is likely to treat you the way you want to be treated.

Of course, the lowest quote you get will always be tempting, but there are several reasons to consider every estimate you receive. By paying a little more for your contractor, you might be able to get better service, receive higher quality work, or even reduce the time the project takes. If the company you feel most confident in costs a little more, it is generally worth it. To make your decision even more informed, get references from each company; previous clients will be able to give you a good idea of how the company performs and what (if any) difficulties you are likely to run into during the remodeling process if you choose that contractor.

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