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Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling :

While you can't separate Phoenix from the culture and weather of the Southwest, Phoenix has a type of sprawling, geographic diversity that few cities can mimic. Of course, Southwest is an entire type of decorating scheme, but homeowners across the Valley show one decorating size doesn't fit all. Fortunately, whatever you want for your kitchen is out there. A small kitchen with Wi-Fi, a large kitchen with a sitting ottoman, or any number of more traditional kitchen styles are waiting for homeowners across the various Phoenix-area valleys.

Options for Phoenix Kitchen Remodels
In a nutshell, your options are limitless, but talking with Phoenix kitchen remodeling contractors is a great place to start. Tell them what you want your kitchen to look like, but also discuss your lifestyle and daily activity. Rushing out the door every morning for work is going to require certain things of your kitchen, while catering for a dozen house guests will demand other kitchen elements. Time and time again, our most satisfied homeowners tell us that their contractor immediately saw the vision they wanted.

While it is always good to go into any major remodeling project with a clear idea of what you want, when it comes to kitchen remodeling, Phoenix contractors often have valuable information that most homeowners would have never thought to consider. Keeping an open mind when discussing your project with your contractor can often lead to features you'll love, results that last, efficiency you didn't know was available, and even savings. Of course, you'll have the final say in what goes into your new kitchen, but at least considering the advice of a professional is never a bad idea.

Resale Value of Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling Projects
Think your kitchen remodel won't have much impact on your property value because it's all about location? While there's something to be said for this truism, it's often overstated. Take a neighborhood like Avondale where home prices range from $80,000 to more than $3.25M. Naturally, a new kitchen isn't going to raise the value of your home by a million dollars, even with 24k gold cabinet hardware, but you're not spinning your wheels, either. In fact, the average Phoenix kitchen remodel returns 90 percent of its cost in property value. In other words, it doesn't pay for itself, but it should take the edge off of the all-too-common sticker shocker. That sticker might read as much as $100,000 for a complete, high-end kitchen renovation. More frugal homeowners are likely to get it done for more like $50,000, and if you don't feel like you need to tear everything out to the studs, a small kitchen remodel can be had for less than $20,000.


Paying for the Cost of a Phoenix Kitchen Remodel
Of course, despite the additional property value, it's not as though you can instantly liquidate for you newly computed home equity. Most homeowners choose to finance these types of major home remodels, and for good reason. You may not like the idea of increasing your mortgage, but who wants to wait around for five years for their new kitchen? If you've got some expendable income, few homeowners have the discipline to let the money sit and bear interest. You'll spend the money eating out and your new kitchen will never come. By putting this income toward paying off a kitchen remodel, you can make an investment in your home and increase your enjoyment at the same time.

As for your financing amount, you should always budget for about 10 to 20 percent more than the base estimate for a major remodeling project. Better chance than not, unforeseeable obstacles will arise before the project is done. This happens even to the best contractors, and in fact, it happens more often to these contractors who are committed to doing things right the first time. What good does it do to have a project to not hit any snags, if part of your kitchen starts to fall apart in 10, five, or even a single year after your renovation?

Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling Contractors
In and around Phoenix, kitchen remodeling contractors are not exactly a-dime-a-dozen; however, when looking for one in the phone book, it can certainly feel that way! Since Phoenix kitchen remodeling is such a popular project, it's only common sense that there will be more than enough local kitchen remodeling contractors that you can choose from. The problem is, quality, price, and customer service can vary dramatically from one company to the next; and because it's nearly impossible to tell how well any Phoenix kitchen remodeling contractor is going to perform from an ad in the phone book, picking one from a list of many can seem like a crap shoot.

When you put in a request through ServiceMagic, the process becomes much easier. All of our Phoenix kitchen remodeling contractors are put through a ten-step screening process to make sure that their business is on the up-and-up. Additionally, each homeowner that uses our service has the opportunity to rate and write a review of the company they used. By reading these reviews, you'll get a much better idea of how a particular company has performed in the past, which can help make your decision a more informed one.

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