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Working with Kitchen Contractors:

While some contractors like landscapers and deck builders can finish their work with minimal disruption of your day-to-day life, kitchen remodeling companies are going to be a distinct presence in your home, often for a month or two. Since the relationship between you and your kitchen renovation contractors is likely to be a lengthy one, it is important not only to hire a company you trust, but to establish an amiable atmosphere right from the beginning. Working with kitchen remodeling companies is easy and fulfilling if you know what to do; however, if you and your crew get off to a bad start, there's a good chance that your project will become much more of a hassle than it needs to be.

Finding Kitchen Remodeling Companies
Identifying the best company for your particular situation is probably the most important step in getting the results you want. For big projects (with hefty price tags) like kitchen remodeling, companies are generally eager to get a contract signed. Beware, however, that signing with a contractor without surveying the field is a mistake!

In most cases, contacting, getting estimates from, and checking the references of at least three or four kitchen renovation contractors is ideal. If you have the time, meeting with five or six is even better. The more contractors you discuss your project with, the better idea you'll have of how much the project should cost. You'll also gain valuable knowledge about each company during the meeting process, giving you a feel for which of these companies is likely to fulfill your needs the best.

Many homeowners turn to the phone book to find kitchen remodeling companies. Is this a mistake? Not necessarily. However, by going through ServiceMagic's website, you'll be matched only with pre-screened contractors, and you'll have access to customer ratings and reviews to give you a clearer view of how these companies have performed for others; in many respects, finding kitchen remodeling companies is easier and more effective with ServiceMagic than it is with the phone book.

Starting a Relationship with Kitchen Renovation Contractors
There's no denying it: kitchen remodeling companies are going to create noise, mess, and a little disorder before the job is done. Fortunately, forming a good relationship with your crew is going to make the process less aggravating. On the first day of the job, make sure you meet and greet your crew leader. Ask if there is anything he or she needs from you (designated places to park, the location of nearby electrical outlets, the location of the nearest convenience store) to get the project moving. Since kitchen renovation contractors are working almost exclusively indoors, it is courteous to offer the use of your bathroom facilities on the first day, too. Not only will this show that you are respectful of the crew and their needs, the close proximity will allow for faster bathroom breaks and more work during labor hours.


Kitchen Renovation Contractors Are Not Mind Readers
In addition to letting your crew know that you value their services, it is also important to help them understand what you expect from them while they are in your home. Even if you are the quiet type, this is your house and you need to speak up. The best advice is sit down with your contractor after all the design and material decisions have been made, but before the work begins and talk about your needs with your kitchen and his needs for the project.

  • If you don't want your kitchen pros working in your house before a certain time in the morning or past a certain time at night, tell him this. Realize that these restrictions may slow the project time considerably.
  • If you have a party or some other event planned a few weeks in the distance, let your contractor know when it is and in what type of functional/presentable condition the kitchen needs to be in by that time.
  • Remember to mention any other house rules (no cussing in the house, for example) so that they know them coming in.

    Keeping Things Moving Throughout the Project
    Starting off on the right foot and doing your homework when choosing between kitchen remodeling companies are half the battle, but if you allow communication between you and your crew to fade throughout the project, there's a much higher chance that something will go wrong or you will be left feeling out-of-the-loop in your own home. One of the best ways to make sure you (and your crew) has a place to voice suggestions, concerns, or approval is to schedule a few meetings each week with your crew leader. This gives you several opportunities each week to ask how progress is going and to mention any concerns that may have arisen since the last meeting; it also gives your crew leader a chance to recommend options you might not have thought of and explain what will be happening in your home over the next several days.

    A Kitchen Remodeling Company's Ideal Client
    In every kitchen remodeling contractor's eyes, there exists an ideal client. Great clients often have their projects completed quicker, with fewer mistakes, and sometimes at a discount. This is nothing to bank on, but by being an ideal client, you might get many more things in return than someone who is difficult to work with.

  • Allow your contractors to park as close to your house as humanly possible. They will be toting heavy equipment and the closer the walk, the easier for them.
  • Think about having coffee ready when they arrive in the morning. Everyone drinks coffee, and it will be a nice treat for them.
  • Occasionally, have donuts or bagels. Maybe on a Friday and definitely if they are working Saturdays. Think about making lunch for them on occasion. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Have a pizza delivered or some sandwiches.

    There are other things that you will be able to think of once you know them better, but if you can be amenable to their work, kitchen remodeling contractors will certainly be ready to work for you. This is your home and you are paying for this project, and while you do not have to do anything other than write a check, doing a little extra will often ensure that your kitchen contractors will do a little extra for you.

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