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Kitchen Basics:

When researching the going prices for kitchen remodeling, few homeowners will be left without a bit of sticker shock. The tens (or even hundreds!) of thousands of dollars that can go into a single kitchen renovation project can be daunting to say the least, but understanding where that money is going and what it's likely to add to your property in terms of resale value can certainly ease the blow to some degree. In fact, knowing the basics of an average kitchen remodel before you enter your project is one of the most important factors in getting the results you want at a price that fits your budget. The following facts, tips, and suggestions are not going to magically make high-end kitchen renovations fit into a tight budget, but they could get you a little more bang for your kitchen remodeling buck!

Sifting Through Kitchen Remodeling Companies
For most people, finding local kitchen renovation companies is as easy as picking up a phone book. However, sorting through all those kitchen renovation companies is another story all together! The fact is, the difference in price, performance, and customer service between kitchen remodeling companies is often extraordinary, and finding the best fit for your project is half the battle in making your new kitchen as affordable as it is stunning.

In most cases, contacting, meeting with, and getting estimates and references from at least 4 or 5 kitchen renovation companies is ideal. Not only will this give you a better idea of what your particular project will costs, it will also give you the chance to test the waters of several contractors, leaving you with a good idea of which one you are likely to get along with best. Remember: good kitchen remodeling companies are well aware that your satisfaction is their priority. If you find that the least expensive estimate you get comes from a company that has been difficult to contact or hard to communicate with during the interviewing process, that low-ball estimate could spell plenty of headaches (or even some expensive backtracking!) during the actual project.



Bringing Your Own Ideas to Kitchen Renovation Companies
Most kitchen remodeling companies are more than happy to make suggestions and assist you in planning your new space. That being said, no kitchen renovation companies are able to construct the space you envision without your input. Before you contact any contractor, it is in your best interests to do a little planning of your own. Magazines, online pictures, and even the homes of friends and family can give you plenty of ideas for the features, materials, and components that will make your new kitchen perfect; bringing a list (or even better, photographs) of the elements you want in your new kitchen will give the contractors you contact a good idea of what you want from them, and will often help them make more accurate estimates of how much the job will cost.

Listening to Suggestions from Kitchen Remodeling Companies
Having a good idea of what you want before speaking to any contractors is important, but it is also beneficial to remember that successful kitchen renovation companies are aware of things the average homeowner is not. While you should never allow any company to talk you into something you really don't want or need, listening to your contractor's suggestions often leads to good things. Professional kitchen contractors know better than anyone which materials are becoming popular, which features are becoming obsolete, and what brands of fixtures and models of appliances have a reputation for good performance and durability. Kitchen renovation companies are also likely to suggest additions that you never would have considered, but will make the space more functional, more beautiful, or will save you money in the long run, so it's generally wise to keep a little wiggle room in your original vision.

Budget Kitchen Remodeling Companies
Some kitchen renovation companies are used to working on projects that run hundreds of thousands of dollars; others tend to focus on projects that require a far less substantial investment. The truth is: this is your money, and no amount is too small to make your kitchen a more inviting place to be. While you might want to avoid contractors who immediately suggest features and fixtures that are well outside of your price range, considering only "budget" kitchen renovation companies is also a mistake.

Again, the best thing you can do when looking for a kitchen contractor is to discuss your project with several different companies. Here's where we can help. Putting in a request through ServiceMagic rather than calling numbers in the phone book blindly has several advantages. First, every kitchen remodeling company we'll match you with has been pre-screened to assure a certain level of professionalism and a record of good service; that's something no phone book in the country can offer. Next, a single request through ServiceMagic will often lead to multiple contractor matches in your area; this means that you'll have a few different contractors to choose from the comfort of your computer without the hassle of making a ton of phone calls. Last, but not least, other homeowners in your area that have used ServiceMagic in the past have the opportunity to leave feedback on the companies they were matched with. By reading this feedback, you'll have a better idea of how the companies you are matched with have performed in the past, leaving you one step closer to finding that perfect fit for your project!

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs

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