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Travian Culture Points guild 01:

If you’re the average Teuton – raiding, breeding armies, and leaving your infrastructure ’til last – then you just build a Town Hall, throw parties to generate Culture Points, and forget about it. In that case, read no further. If you’re the average Gaul – simming happily away, building your empire until it’s strong enough to churn out an army to wipe the smile off those Teuton’s faces – then you may be interested in this.

The crux of this mini-guide is that different buildings generate different amounts of culture points, and (obviously) cost different amounts of resources to complete. So this table shows you which buildings give you the most daily culture points relative to how much resources you need to spend building it; in other words, which is best value-for-resources as far as CP goes.

The table shows for each building’s maximum level (level 20 for everything except: Treasury and Crannies – level 10; ‘Resource Factories’ – Level 5), how many culture points are generated daily, and how many resources are required to complete all levels of the building. It’s arranged in order of best to worst CP value-for-money. It’s not quite a linear scale for levels lower than maximum, but fairly close.

Travian Culture Points


The biggest surprise is that the humble cranny is the most cost-efficient source of culture points. Of course, this is limited by the ceiling of 6 CP per day maximum; so once your building sites start filling up, and you need to get the most out every site, you may want to knock down a cranny or two and replace it with a less cost-efficient, but more productive (and more useful) building. Nevertheless, right at the start of the game, this is the quickest and most cost-effective way to build up CP for your first expansion; so one more good reason to build crannies!

Not surprisingly, the Main Building, the Market, the Academy, and the Embassy are great for culture points both in absolute terms and in cost-efficiency. However, less obvious buildings such as the Granary, Warehouse, Wall (any tribe), Rally Point, and Trapper, are also very cost-efficient for Culture Points; their total yield is low, though not as low as the cranny.

The top two buildings for culture points in absolute terms are the Palace, and the Town Hall (even without holding any parties at all!); but as the table makes clear, both are relatively expensive, and hence less cost-efficient than many others. ‘Resource Factories’ such as the Sawmill, Grain Mill etc are very poor CP generators, both in absolute terms and in cost-efficiency. Resource fields are obviously more cost-efficient than the table suggests – because of course they pay back resources.

A key point to realise is that resources spent on parties will generate one-off CP in a hurry, but are otherwise ‘wasted’; whereas resources spent on infrastructure will carry on generating CP for the rest of the game. For example, with about 20 000 resources you could throw a Small Celebration and get a one-off boost of 500 CP. Alternatively, with the same resources you could build (say) 4 Level 10 crannies, generating 24 CP per day: after 21 days, you have over 500 CP, and still counting; and you’ve had the benefit of your crannies. The same argument holds true, to different degrees, for all the other buildings. Parties are great for giving a quick boost to your CP; but buildings will get you more CP in the long run.

So if you’re trying to decide what to build or upgrade, and you have your next village in mind, perhaps this will help make up your mind.

If expanding and conquering is important to you, then you will need to constantly watch your Culture Point production. In mid and late game, the main obstacle to massive expansion is a shortage of culture points. So much so that top players are constantly racing for more culture points.

When your villages have matured, meaning when you have completely extended all production buildings, then you should begin building Culture Point buildings.

The following buildings are considered a must in all villages (for CP production), and must be fully extended to level 20:

  • Main Building
  • Marketplace
  • Academy
  • Embassy
  • Walls
  • Palace or Residence

Every village should generate at least 850 culture points. Even after extending all the structures above, you will find that you might still be short of the required 850 culture points production.

In villages where there are still empty slots, build Treasury L1, Stable L10, Trade Office L10 and Townhall L10. And you will exceed the 850 culture point production.

In addition to building Culture Point buildings, you will also need to constantly celebrate. When doing celebrations, hold the Small Celebration, not Great Celebration.

Great Celebrations cost five times more, but only generate four times as much culture points. The advantage of a Great Celebration is during a conquer attack/defense and it generates culture points much faster. While it is faster, but it is not cost-effective as a way to accumulate culture points.

Most of the things you build will be producing culture points, more with each upgrade. Go to your palace or residence to see current production of that village and the total and the target number for the next village. All culture points are made each day - so if you have a level 10 Treasury (see below), it will make 50 culture points per day.
If you are low on culture points then you may build a town hall, where you can immediately hold a small celebration. This takes resources but it gets you culture points when finished. With a town hall at level 10 you can hold a great celebration for even more culture points. When one celebration is over, you may start another. A small celebration brings 500 culture points. A great celebration brings 2000 culture points.
Building a Treasury is expensive, but it will give you 10 culture points at only level 1, rising to 50 points for level 10.
Other buildings that contribute the most to your culture points are the Town Hall, Palace, Embassy, Academy, Marketplace, Workshop, and Trade Office.

The next best group of buildings provide 77 points each at level 20, though only 2 points at level 1. This group consists of the Blacksmith, Armory, Main Building, Stable, Residence, and Great Stable
Some buildings contribute little to your culture points. The Brickyard, Iron Foundry, Sawmill, Grain Mill and Bakery give you 1 point at levels 1 and 2, and 2 points at levels 3 to 5. The Cranny gives a maximum of 6 points at level 10. The Wonder of the World does not give culture points.
The buildings not mentioned so far, such as the Woodcutter or Palisade, all provide 1 point at level 1 through to 38 points at level 20.

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