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Website Designer in Singapore

We are Freelance website designer and programmer in Singapore with an established profile of thriving achievements, we are pleased to present our application for your deliberation as the best web design and development firm. Having many years of work experience, and a strongly built educational background, we believe we can make an essential contribution to your web developing needs.

We also feature a great team of highly qualified web design experts who will move out of their way to ensure that you get exactly what you requested for.

  • A write up on the businesses
  • CRM
  • CMS
  • Picture gallery
  • Logo design
  • Basic e-commerce function (paypal/credit card/internet banking) - optional
  • Mobile application
  • E-flyers for EDM
  • Promotion banner
  • Cuatomise baic enquiry form
  • Social media enhancement
  • SEO (optional)
  • Testimonial page

Our web design and development expertise includes:

1. Design, construction and maintenance of ecommerce websites .

2. Well-built database knowledge particularly My SQL.

3. Proficiency in ASP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSP, and more.

We would also like to inform you that we have the capacity to work on any kind of project including the most intricate ones. Our web developers are used to multi-tasking and prioritizing important projects in order to meet crucial deadlines.

Designing and programming with: using CMS such as: Wordpress, Joomla, Mambo, Mitra, Template, PHP, C# , Java, C and C++, ASP .NET, HTML and CSS, JavaScript and JQuery, Perl, Python and Prolog, Data Base : SQL Server (all versions), My SQL, MS Access and ODBC Driver, Postgre SQL and Oracle, PSD to HTML.

Please contact us for more information.


Freelance Website Designer in Singapore

Freelance Website Designer in Singapore

Freelance Website Designer in Singapore

Freelance Website Designer in Singapore

Freelance Website Designer in Singapore

Freelance Website Designer in Singapore
Freelance Website Designer in Singapore

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