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Used mainly for feeding babies and toddlers, baby chairs are quite popular with mothers. It is a routine need for an adult to feed a baby from a standing position. Baby chairs are designed mainly to meet this demand (there are also others that provide a seating environment for the child). In order to enhance stability, designers usually opt for a wide base for these chairs. Baby chairs usually feature a tray, attached to the arms, to provide one of the following options: a) the baby can pick up the food easily; b) the adult can spoon feed the baby while the food is available on the tray. For obvious reasons, special considerations should be made in buying a baby chair.

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They usually come in a wide variety of colors, designs and materials. What you should mainly be concerned with is durability and sturdiness. Make sure to choose a baby chair that is easy to clean and provides robust support for the baby. Simple ones are made of molded plastic and at times feature seatbelts (a very handy tool in baby chairs). Some also feature paddings on the seat to provide a comfortable sitting experience for the baby.

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Some baby chairs fold which is another good option you'd probably like, since they are much easier to move. Some other baby chairs feature wheels which allow you to roll the baby chair from one room to the other without having to displace the baby. A detachable tray is yet another good feature of some baby chairs. Using them, you can easily clean or wash the tray and then put it back in. Among other feature you may need in a baby chair is height adjusting levers or handles, which mainly provides comfort for the adult who feeds the baby.

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As far as the baby's comfort is concerned, some baby chairs provide reclining seats. Some baby chairs can simply turn into booster seats (used in cars to provide safety and comfort for the child). The most important thing to remember when buying a baby chair is the safety of the baby, who is yet not aware of what is dangerous and what is not. The best measure is to seek some professional advice before you make the purchase.

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