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Basins are attached containers on the wall of bathrooms where one can wash his face and hands. Basins may be made from a host of different materials, ranging from stainless steel, marble and ceramic to glass, copper and stone. It seems that the most popular materials in this regards are porcelain and vitreous china. More modern-looking basins, however, are usually made from glass or granite.

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One of the important factors in choosing a basin is how it complements the overall design of the room (usually the bathroom is the case in this regard). Another important consideration to be made is durability. Bathroom basins are utilized quite frequently and should be sturdy enough to provide lasting endurance. The type of basin installation is also very important.

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Basins need to be mounted properly on the wall. Of course, one may adjust the height to his own preferences. Mounting a wall-hung basin on a solid wall should be quite easy. A timber frame stud wall, however, may not be the best choice for mounting a basin. In this case, you may want to put a mounting board on the stud wall. The basin can thus be installed on this board. Designers normally make room for piping coverings as well for the sake of aesthetics and pipes safety.

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Basins which are mounted on the wall do not take up floor space like above-counter sinks do, which is a plus. Designers generally agree that wall-mounted basins make small bathrooms look bigger. This makes them great options for bathrooms and cloakrooms where floor space is quite needed. The size of the washbasin is yet another important factor in purchasing the right type. Wall-hung basins are normally 350mm-500mm wide (different manufacturers go for different measurements).

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If you stop by the market, you realize that there is a host of different shapes, designs and styles in the world of basins. You have to remember, however, that the style is of secondary importance compared to technical considerations made above. Your best solution is to seek some professional advice before making the purchase. We are honored to announce that one of the areas in which our company is highly active is the design of basins in their different types and variations. We are well-aware of today's popular tastes and trends in the market and customers' demands and requirements. We are proud to say that we provide basin designs to meet a host of varying purposes and needs.

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You are more than welcome to meet up with our designers in order to listen to their invaluable suggestions on which type of basin you should purchase. Our team of designers always keeps an eye on the market in order to provide radically new designs in the world of basins. We also accept custom orders to provide you with the exact product you have in mind. With the introduction of our design team in this particular field, we attempt to take our design services to the next level and actualize our dreams and ideals.