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Walk-in Wardrobe

Contrary to popular belief that walk-in wardrobes can only be found in master bedrooms of large houses, there are some small walk-in wardrobes in smaller apartments as well. What matters is making the most out of storage space or, simply put, organization. Division is very important in walk-in wardrobes, so a designer should come up with practical ideas to provide an efficient division system. Drawers, racks, shelves and hangers are all handy tools en route to creating much-needed organization in a walk-in wardrobe.

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One should remember, however, that organization is not the only important factor. The selection of these tools, in terms of color, size and finish, is also another critical element. Ideally, the walk-in wardrobe should be in keeping with the overall 'mood' of the house in terms of design. This is brought to sharp focus especially when clients demand a glass door to be installed for entrance into the walk-in wardrobe. As far as doors are concerned, designers should also consider the way door closes and opens. If they use a swinging door (and it swings inward), they should design the space behind the door accordingly.

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The best option (as far as space organization is concerned) is a sliding door which does not take up an inch inside the walk-in wardrobes. Clients usually demand every inch of their wardrobe to be thoroughly used. They need to place a seat or a bench in the walk-in wardrobe. Also important in the design of walk-in wardrobes is lighting. These wardrobes usually host mirrors for individuals to try on clothes. A designer should consider varying functionalities of the walk-in wardrobe to plan the perfect lighting.

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Walk-in Wardrobe Security

One other subtle consideration to be made when designing the overall plan of walk-in wardrobes is the notion of security. Different items inside a wardrobe require different security levels. In case you want to keep a set of jewelry boxes inside a wardrobe, you are better off leaving them in the deeper spaces in a wardrobe, inside boxes featuring lock systems. In the more accessible areas, you may opt to place the items you routinely use: your handbags, shirts, ties and the like. Overall, the best measure is to seek some professional advice when deciding on organizing (or establishing) a walk-in wardrobe.

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One of the important areas in which our company is active is the design of walk-in wardrobes to meet different purposes and needs. Our designers start out the project by holding meetings with our clients in order to hear out their requirements and demands. Taking into consideration the notions mentioned above, they suggest the best possible option.

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They make sure that the walk-in wardrobe meets every single demand of the client, in terms of design and functionality. Our designers are well-aware of the clients' need of storage and organization. As a result, we have them study the space thoroughly before starting out the design process. With the introduction of designers in this special field, we attempt to take our design services to the next level.