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We aim to be the most innovative and customer oriented design
firm that is able to interpret and translate a client’s vision into design expressions that are both distinctive and practical. Our main aim is trying to keep our customers for long term cooperation.


As a design firm we are committed to:

  • Creation of unique and innovative design products that are responsive to each client’s vision and budgetary needs.
  • Providing our clients with design services that reflect the latest developments in the construction and building industry.
  • Prompt and timely delivery of consistently high quality products and services.
  • Work within an environment based on interpersonal relationships between clients, our professionals, colleagues, community, and environment.
  • Work with honesty, integrity and accountability.

About Us

We are a team of designers and developers base in Kuala Lumpur that work as a company together, we offers design and development services for those individual, small organization, small to big companies or on budget organization that wants to saves cost and make their designs idea turns into reality.

Our expert team will enable us to comfortably handle the diverse projects across the design spectrum. We offering a tradition of excellence designing and consultancy services.

These features are helping us to cooperate with worldwide costumers.

Kiosk Designer


Need a kiosk for running your business? Where do you want to locate it? Exhibition? Open-space area? Supermarket? What kind of business you do?

Kiosk Designer

Usability, manageability and proper arrangement are essential tips in kiosk design. It’s not as simple as it seems. Because of its small size and your needs to run your business there, design should be practical, technical and smart.

If you want to put it in open-space, it should be roofed-type to protect you against raining and sunlight. Roofed-kiosk is used mostly as newsstand. And a bit larger ones are suited for selling snacks and packaged-food or small accessories. According to your job, we should implement equipment there.

Kiosk Designer
Kiosk Designer

Kiosk Designer Malaysia

You may need a fridge or heater, bed, shelves, chair, built-in tables and so on. These kiosks are used as guarding kiosk in parking lots, some offices and constructional environment, too. The material used in this type, are water-proof. As it has door and window, it’s like a real building. You could keep your products or whatever you have in it, and lock there.

But if you would place it in roofed-space such as department stores, there is no need to choose roofed kiosk. Our experience shows in exhibitions, people intentionally come there to visit new products. It does not matter to design in a way to draw attentions. People themselves will watch everything one by one. In this case, it’s important to design your kiosk practically considering your products. For example, if you are going to advertise only one product such as television we would design a fit place for that. Surely, such a design cannot suit for cosmetic products!

Kiosk Designer Malaysia
Kiosk Designer Malaysia

In places such as supermarkets and shopping centers, individuals usually come to buy their common items so they only look for them. In this situation, you need an eye-catching kiosk to draw customers’ attention toward your new product. The area you allowed to put your kiosk matters a lot. We would design based on your area. How many square we are allowed to place your kiosk?

Contact Us

Tel: +60 3805 20204

Hp: +60 1679 33913 (Mehran)

Whatsapp/Viber/Telegram: +60 1679 33913

Email  :

Skype: greatmemar8570

Address: 11, Jalan Puteri 2/3, Bandar Puteri, Puchong, 47100, Selangor, Malaysia.

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