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Baju Kurung

As the national dress of Malaysia and Brunei and one of the popular dresses in Indonesia, 'baju kurung' is a traditional Malay costume. To be exact, the term 'baju kurung' is saved to refer to the female dress of this kind, while 'baju melayu' refers to the male dress. Being a full-length dress and consisting mainly of a blouse and a skirt, the baju kurung adds style and simple beauty to the woman wearing it. The blouse does not feature a collar and features long sleeves.

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The popular material in making the blouse of the baju kurung is silk. The baju kurung is quite a comfortable clothing item since it is very loose, making it a popular choice in hot and humid climates. Part of the popularity of the item rests in the fact that in spite of being elegant and stylish, it is in total compliance with Islamic dress codes and teachings. The baju kurung is normally worn with a sarong. Not only is it visually appealing, but also a sarong provides comfort of walking, since the lower part is wide enough for big strides.

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Embroideries are also added to the baju kurung to add more color and elegance. The use of tudung (traditional headscarves) with the baju kudung is quite a usual practice, particularly in northern Malaysia. As one of the approved uniforms for schools students in Malaysia, the baju kudung is also worn by many non-Muslims.

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