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Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are popular items in places where floor space is quite necessary: dormitories, ships, garrisons, prison cells and the like, can all be the home to bunk beds. Simply put, bunk beds are variations of bed in which one bed is attached on top of another. A ladder is used for one individual to get to the upper bunk. The lower bunk sometimes features a curtain to provide privacy for the lower occupant.

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Some bunk beds feature safety rails (sometimes called 'cot sides', i.e. raised sides attached to a bed) for the upper bunk to provide safety for the upper occupant. Some bunk beds, usually not those with metal frames, are separable, i.e. you are able to separate the top bunk and make the whole into a twin bed. This is a very good option since it provides versatility. However, you have to make sure that both bunks look exactly the same.

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If not, appearance might become an issue. In case you are in the market for bunk beds, and you are buying it for kids, you should consider dimensions and measurements. You want the bunk bed to provide functionality for years to come. Thus enough space should be available between the lower bunk and the bottom of the top bunk. Not only should kids be able to use them as they age, but also many parents want to sit with their children on the bed without having to hunch. For the sake of storage, some bunk beds feature drawers or even shelves and desks attached.

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Aesthetics is yet another concern when going for bunk beds. You want the bed to be in keeping with the overall design of the bedroom (unless you are fond of eclectic design). The best measure is to seek out some professional advice before you make the purchase. One of the areas in which our designers are highly active in is the design and construction of bunk beds. We are well-aware of different functionalities of bunk beds for different purposes.

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As a sub-category of our furniture design group, our bunk bed designers are totally familiar with different materials used in the making of bunk beds. It is quite known that different age ranges require different frames and weight support. The overall design of the bunk bed should be conducted with this in mind. We also provide designs for more modern options. For instance, bunk beds with air mattresses have become a new item of popularity in recent years. The mattress, usually called an airbed, is mostly PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The purpose of the bunk bed should be taken into account before purchasing of the variations.

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Our designers also provide you with invaluable suggestions and advice on the pros and cons of different types. They take into account not only the overall functionality, but also space. With the introduction of our design team in this special field, we attempt to take our design services to the next level and actualize our dreams and ideals in the design world.