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The focal point of a dining room is that table around which individuals sit to have meals. dining tables may come in a host of different materials, from marble and glass to wood and slate. Each material, moreover, has its own finish and color. So you have normally a range of options in the market. Each material and type is designed to meet a specific requirement. For instance, if you are worried about water spill or stains too much, glass or marble are probably your best options (in this case, you should stay away from polished mahogany which is known to show stain stubbornly). In terms of size, there are both round tables and rectangular tables. The upside of round tables is that they provide a warm ambience for individuals to converse with one another. Compared to rectangular tables, however, they can seat as many individuals. There are normally three types of round tables as far as size is concerned.


For those tables that can seat four tables, the diameter is 48 inches. 54 inches is the diameter of round tables seating six individuals, 60-inches the diameter of tables seating eight people. You can make your own comparison by knowing that a rectangular table seating eight people comes in 36''X72" measurements. The height of dining room, moreover, is normally around 30". There are also different styles of dining tables in the market. You need to decide based on the overall mood of your home design.

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Traditional oval tables are usually made of cherry or mahogany. Round pedestal tables provide seating comfort since there are no legs, but a pedestal in the middle. In the making of rustic modern dining tables, slate and worn woods are quite popular (rustic modern style in general refers to the use of historical furniture in a room of modern design).

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Modern Dining Table

There are other dining table styles out there as well. What is important is that you need to make a number of considerations before purchasing one. Your best bet is to get some professional advice before entering the market. We are honored to announce that one of the areas in which our company is highly active is the design of closets in their different types and variations. We are well-aware of today's popular tastes and trends in the market and customers' demands and requirements

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