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Display cabinets (alternatively called display cases) are cabinets featuring one or more transparent glass surfaces. There are a number of places where you may find a display cabinet, ranging from homes to restaurants, museums and exhibitions. There are different types of display cabinets in the market. They are mostly freestanding on the floor, while others can be mounted on a wall. Built-in display cabinets can even be used as room partitions. Some freestanding displays have one glassy side through which an individual can see the object inside.

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This type (normally termed 'counter' display cabinets) is used mainly in retail stores. Other freestanding variations are designed with four glassy sides so that the object inside can be seen from all around. These are usually labeled as 'middle floor display cabinets'. In case the display cabinet is mounted up one the wall, the access into it is normally enabled from the same side that the object inside is displayed.

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While there are standard sizes for display cabinets, some manufacturers also accept custom designs. These companies have staff active in welding or woodworking. For the sake of security, display cabinets are usually lockable. The security level is in direct relation to the place where it is used and the value of objects inside. Special display cabinets also feature lights inside (normally used in museums or jewelry stores). These are good options when showing off particular objects that draw attention much better when under light (crystal figurines are among such items). As you see, the choice of a display cabinet is mainly conditioned by the object to be displayed.

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Thus, in case you are in the market for display cases, the first thing you need to ask yourself is: what type of items am I going to display in these cases? The answer to the question narrows down your choices since you now know what level of security you want, whether you want glass to cover the four sides or just one or whether you want the cabinet to be mounted on the wall or not.

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