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Being the typical standard of attire for women, dresses come in different designs, styles and colors. They encompass a wide range of attire, ranging from ball gowns (elaborate formal dresses, usually floor-length), cocktail dresses (which are semi-formal) and evening gowns (long dresses used for evening events) to nightdress (used as nightwear) and wedding dresses. In the fashion industry, dress and related subcategories play an important role. From the supply of raw materials (e.g. fibers and textiles) to the production of fashion goods by manufacturers or designers, to retail sales and advertisements, dress industry encompasses a great set of interrelated activities.

Design Dress

Dress designers and stylists are part of the overarching world fashion design. They are expected to produce new concepts in the realm of dressmaking, create sketches using hand-drawing skills or computer software, develop patterns and study the latest trends and tendencies in the dress market. A dress stylist should also be familiar with the different types of dress (some mentioned above) and the functionality of each.

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Not only are dresses meant to be worn for different occasions, they are also meant to be used by people of differing body figures. Dress design is an affair which revolves both on the notions of beauty and functionality. An important factor in the career of a dress designer or stylist is familiarity with the culture of different regions. This is directly related with the functionality aspect of fashion design mentioned above.

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History Dress

A successful dress designer or stylist should constantly keep an eye on the market to see which areas still need work and how people have reacted to latest dress designs. Furthermore, a dress stylist should have a general understanding of how the introduction and evolution of different types of dresses have panned out in the history, especially from the early 20th century onward.

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We are honored to introduce a team of designers and stylists in the captivating world of dresses. We are well-aware of today's popular tastes and trends in the market and customers' demands and requirements. We are proud to say that we provide dress designs and styles to meet a host of varying purposes and needs. In case you want to be active in the world of dresses and related fields, you are more than welcome to meet up with our designers in order to listen to their invaluable suggestions.

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Our team of designers always keeps an eye on the market in order to provide radically new designs in the dazzling world of dresses. They come from a rich background of studying the different paths that the fashion history has taken thus far and how different types of dresses have acquired different undertones in the history. We also accept custom orders, in case you have a particular style or design in mind. Our designers and stylists are ready to give shape and life to your ideas. With the introduction of our design team in this particular field, we attempt to take our design services to the next level and actualize our dreams and ideals.