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Originated from Japan, futons are padded mattresses designed to provide a sleeping place. The mattress, which is flat, has a fabric covering filled with materials such as wool, cotton or synthetic batting. The upside of using futons is that one can simply fold it away and store it in a closet, thus giving the room versatility to be used not only as a bedroom. Futons usually come in one of the following three sizes: double, semi-double or single. Nowadays, futon couches are quite popular all around the world (which is basically the combination of a futon and a couch). Their popularity is partly related to their prices, when compared with sofas and beds.

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It is also quite easy to change the appearance of a futon (with the range of mattress cover available in the market). In modern variations, futons have evolved to acquire three main components: cover, mattress and frame. As far as design is concerned, the cover is the most important element since you do not want the futon cover to differ wildly from other furniture items (in terms of color, style and finish). This, of course, applies if you are not willing to go for an eclectic design.

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Covers are normally removable. As far as mattress is concerned, you should look for materials that provide comfort for BOTH sitting and sleeping. Polyester-filled mattresses (or ever those made of simple cotton) tend to flatten over time. Since this is quite off-putting to many individuals, coil springs or pressurized foams seem to be better choices. A robust frame is yet another plus for a futon. High-quality frame material is very important since you need durability and sturdiness in a futon.

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With the option of conversion into bed and sofas, this consideration is brought to focus to a greater extent. Futon frames usually fall in one of the following categories: trifold, loveseat or bi-fold. The latter is the most common one, and easily converts into bed. Loveseat frames are mostly used in places where space is a huge concern. The come in full size and twin size. While the trifold futon frame is very handy in cramped spaces, only thin mattresses can be placed upon these frames.

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As far as design is concerned, futons usually come in traditional style or armless style (where the frame does not provide armrests). Some also provide multiple notches, so that the futon can be used in different increments ranging from fully flat to upright. If you want good quality and durability, you should consult people of rich knowledge and experience in this field. One of the areas in which our company is highly active is the design of futons in all their variations.

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Much research has been done to determine the relationship between quality sleep, dreaming and comfortable environment. Futons can be great companions en route to a comfortable sleeping experience. We are highly committed to providing the highest quality sleeping environment. With the introduction of designers in this special field, we attempt to take our design services to the next level and actualize our dreams and ideals in the design world.