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Twin Bed

At times the terms 'twin beds' and 'single beds' are used interchangeably. The reason is that twin beds are basically a paired set of single beds, i.e. two beds which look exactly like each other. The dimensions of twin beds vary from one manufacturer to another, with 75'' x 39'' being the most typical measurements. As the kids grow up and hit adulthood, they demand bigger beds, sometimes going for extra-long twin beds which come at 80''x39'' dimensions. Twin beds are very popular with parents who have kids of the same age. Some twin beds come with sturdy box springs.

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A box spring is a set of coil springs, normally covered with cloth. Box spring is located in the bed base and the mattress is usually positioned on top of it. The quality of the box spring is very important in the comfort level provided by the twin bed. The materials used in the making of bed frames are typically wood or metal wood. The combination of head, side rails and foot make up the construction of a bed frame.

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As far as price is concerned, twin beds are usually cheaper than full beds (double beds) or queen size beds. For more comfort options, many beds come with a headboard against which one can lean. Some also come with footboards, alternatively called footers, and side rails. In case a twin bed is what you are in the market for, you should consider the overall design and mood of the room. Unless you are going for an eclectic design, you do not want the twin bed to differ radically from other items in the room (in terms of style, color, size, finish and design).

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The best measure is to seek out some professional advice before you make the purchase. One of important the areas in which our designers are highly active in is the design and construction of twin beds. We are well-aware of different functionalities of twin beds for different purposes. As a sub-category of our furniture design group, our twin bed designers are totally familiar with different materials used in the making of twin beds.

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It is quite a well-known fact that different age ranges require different frames and weight support. The overall design of the twin bed should be conducted with this in mind. We also provide designs for more modern options. For instance, twin beds with air mattresses have become a new item of popularity in recent years. The mattress, usually called an airbed, is mostly PVC (polyvinyl chloride).The purpose of the twin bed should be taken into account before purchasing of the variations.

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Our designers also provide you with invaluable suggestions and advice on the pros and cons of different types. They take into account not only the overall functionality, but also space. With the introduction of our design team in this special field, we attempt to take our design services to the next level and actualize our dreams and ideals in the design world.